Sunday, February 28, 2016

Government Waste of Taxpayer Dollars

Since working for the government for many, many years, I have an up close and personal knowledge of the inner workings of government at all levels. I am going to attempt to explain what happens to your tax dollars that each level of government takes.

First I'll start with a simple budgeting plan. A department within the government is required to submit their proposed budget each year. That departments budget is always higher each and I mean always. Those responsible to actually reviewing all the departments budgets, review them and then request justification for the increase in the budget. Each department then has to justify the increases.

One of the ways the departments justify it, is they show how the previous years budget was totally used up, therefore just to maintain that level they have to have at least the same funding. But, the department explains, we need a new piece of equipment. we need 30 computers, we need this or that SO that inflates the budget.

Now do not get me wrong, there are price increases that are related to inflation, that is a given. However every governmental department knows that if they show that they spent each and every cent given to them during a fiscal year, then they can ask for more the following year.

Here's the important part. About three-quarters of the way through the fiscal year, every department starts looking at their current budget and seeing if they are on track to spending all the money they have been allocated. Should a section within the department have money left at this time, they will be asked if the are going to spend it. If the section says they are not, the department then takes that money moves it somewhere else and makes sure it gets spent.

A perfect example. Let's say they clerical section says they have about $10,000 left over but they have no further need for this money. Well the department then moves that money to say the equipment section. The equipment section then are told to use the money up. The equipment section then goes out and spends $10,0000 of replacing equipment that is still serviceable which they had never intended to replace.

The department does this across all sections. Now at time to submit their new budget, every department has included say a 10% increase over the prior year. Now the department knows they are not going to get the full 10% but through "their justification" process they end up getting 7 % or 5% so they get an increase which is what they were looking for.

In reality, most years, each department could be returning back to the government anywhere from 5 to 10 percent and be able to operate without any loss of services what so ever. By the way, they increase DO NOT include personnel salaries and benefits, those have already been accounted for each year and separately. In returning back the unused portion of their budgets, the main government agency put some of the money into a "Rainy Day Fund", fix some aging infrastructure, or maybe be nice enough to refund it to the citizens who earned it in the first place.

This is but one way that all levels of our government is stealing our money. They really do not care about their citizens, for the most part, they care about taking more and more for themselves.

I will have future posts that discuss many other ways that the government takes our money and never gives it back. But remember only if we stand together and tell the government NO MORE will we ever get control of our lives again.